The Distillery is a concept, created and developed by a brother and sister from Ghent. The Distillery is a unique team of talented people, all inspired by the same concept and driven by being at their best in what they do. Open communication, trust and humor is what bonds us and makes us a great team (and a well-oiled (distillation) machine).
Being part of various organizing committees during their school time in Ghent, both founders experienced themselves the challenges of ticket distribution. Many times unfortunate students couldn’t get hold of an entrance ticket for their ultimate party because they didn’t know the right people or lost precious time in finding out the process. The Distillery offers a solution which benefits both party-goers and party-organizers. Party-organizers will financially benefit from outsourcing the ticketing process. And the Distillery’s transparent and intuitive ticketing service will offer every single individual party-goer an equal chance to enjoy unforgettable parties. Here is the process: after online payment, a QR-code is sent per e-mail. The code (on smartphone or printed) is scanned at the entrance. Ultimately, The Distillery wants to be a forerunner in greening the ticketing process in Belgium: in three years, we want scanned ticketing via smartphone to be the norm and reduce the printed ticketing to zero.
We believe this simple and practical concept will help people enjoy their free time even more. We believe in ourselves and in the power of the team. We believe this drop can start the ripple of a greener world.